Telecommunications Networks

SISTEM offers a complete range of telecommunications services including solutions which seek to satisfy our clients’ needs and demands in the telecommunications and information technology fields, providing consulting, design, installation, configuration and maintenance services.

The solutions offered include both transport networks and access networks, aswell as different technologies (SH, Gigabit Ethernet,…) and transmission systems (Fibre optics,
TETRA, WIMAX, Wifi, FTTH/FTTB, etc), adjusting the technology, topology (mesh, ring…) and transmission means to the bandwidth and access points needs of our clients.
In this respect, SISTEM has collaborated with Spanish State Traffic Department (DGT) in the design and the initial installations for the migration of the SDH technology transport network to a MultiService Gigabit Ethernet Network, designed to send a massivve multi-cast video along with traffic and signalling data, within a very complex access network (given the high number of CCTV cameras) throughout the entire nation.
In relation to fibre optic trunk networks, some of the services we provide are the following:

  • Selection of the appropriate technology according to client/service requirements:
    • Traffic type (data, telephony, video)
    • Bandwidth required
    • Proposed budget
    • System management
  • Engineering design for the network to be implemented
    • Topology network
    • Redundancy Levels
    • Node Location- System management
    • Interfaces with Access Networks/Other transport networks, (i.e. fiber optic)
  • Comprehensive project management ensuring the attainment of the necessary quality standards, proposed deadlines and within the budget estimate.
  • Actual implementation of the proposed solution
    • Laying sub-ducts and leak-tightness tests.
    •  Cable laying for pneumatic procedures.
    • Fusion-splicing cables and distributors.
    • Reflectometry and power measurements.

We provide our services for various public institutions, such as ADIF, DGT, AENA, as well as for a variety of communications operators.


  • Multi-service Network in the Bilbao City Hall.
  • Deployment of fibre optic networks in several conventional ADIF lines.
  • Deployment of fibre optic networks in Vicálvaro and Moratalaz neighbourhoods in Madrid for Madritel.
  • Maintenance of the Communication and Electronic Systems systems installed in Barajas Airport, Madrid.
  • Multiservice communication network for the Interurban Traffic Management in various projects:
    • Highways A-8, A-67, S-20 and ring road North of Santander
    • Highway A-4, KP. 7,250 to KP 67,00.
    • Highway A-62 section Salamanca-Tordesillas.
    • Highways A-92 and N-340 Murcia-L.C. Andalucía.