Security Systems

We offer solutions in video surveillance, CCTV, artificial intelligent vision sys-tems, intrusion detection and access point control systems, recognition and control of vehicles, wireless solutions for mobile video on IP, etc…

This product offering includes the design, manufacture, installation, start-up and maintenance of video-surveillance systems, security systems, etc. All of these sys-tems are supervised, controlled and managed through our Security Control Centre. This Control Centre is based on an application created for the control, supervision and management of the security systems (CCTV, intrusion and access point control), presenting user-friendly information through dropdown menus in Windows.

This activity is undertaken by our dedicated security company, Sistem Security Check, S.A. This wholly owned subsidiary of Sistem allows us to embark upon on security projects where the technological systems required must be installed and maintained in accordance with the relevant Private Security Legislation. Sistem Security Check is registered in the Ministry of the Interior as a specialized security company (Security Companies Registry Num. 3536).


  • Installation and maintenance of the Security Systems (CCTV, CCAA and Intrusion) of the
    High Speed Line Madrid-Valencia as Thales’ subcontractor for ADIF.
  • Installation and maintenance of the Security Systems (CCTV, CCAA and Intrusion) of the High Speed Line Orense-Santiago as Thales’s subcontractor for ADIF.
  • Digital video recording and IP cameras for the CCTV system in the Madrid-Barajas Airport for AENA.
  • Installation of security, civil protection systems and additional works in the high speed line Madrid Barcelona – French border, in the section Lleida -Roda de Bará and goods brunch Castellbisbal-Can Tunis for ADIF.
  • Supply and installation of perimeter actuators, control access and CCTV in the San Sebastián Airport for AENA.
  • Conditioning of Barcelona’s metropolitan tunnels commuter lines. Rehabilitation of nonrailway installations in Barcelona’s tunnels commuter lines for SEITT
  • Supply and installation of the Security System in the power supply sub-station and the maintenance base of Olmedo. HSL Madrid-Valladolid for ADIF.
  • Management of the civil protection systems in the conventional line train tunnels in Zaragoza for ADIF.