Integrated Management System Policy

Our companies (SISTEM, S.A. and SISTEM SECURITY CHECK, S.A.U.) work every day in the management of quality and its waste and discharges, the assurance of the safety and health of its workers and in promoting research, development and innovation and as such, is aware of the dimension and importance of these aspects for quality in their projects, the environment, the occupational safety and health and the promotion of an innovative business culture. Due to this and the relevance that our companies has to satisfy the needs and expectations of its clients, the Management puts into play the necessary resources to ensure that the activities carried out in the field of design, assembly, and electrical and electronic installations maintenance of: signaling, telecommunications and optical fiber, and in the installation and maintenance of security devices and systems, are directed towards these ends.

For that end, an Integrated System for R&D&I, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management is therefore established, based on the requirements established by UNE-EN-ISO 9001, UNE-EN-ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and UNE 166002 Standards, built over these R&D&I, Health and Safety at work, Environment and Quality Policy, and based on the following principles:


  • Quality, Environmental Management, Safety and Health at Work and the R&D&I are strategic elements for the operation of the companies. 
  • There is a firm commitment that our actions and services comply with established legal and regulatory requirements, as well as other requirements that the organization subscribes to, and strive to be more demanding with those requirements whenever possible. 
  • We are committed to understanding the current and future needs of our customers, meeting their requirements and making an effort to exceed their expectations. 
  • We commit ourselves to planning our activities, in such a way as to ensure the quality of our works, the protection of the environment, the prevention of contamination and damages and the deterioration of the health of our workers, guaranteeing continuous improvement and performance of our environmental and labor performance. 
  • Minimize the environmental impact of our activities with a special emphasis on waste management, following the philosophy of reducing, reusing and recycling our waste and, when this is not possible, give them the final destination that ensures a lesser impact on the environment. 
  • We are committed to identifying, designing, developing and managing innovative solutions, fostering data protection policy as a result of the development of R&D&I activities. 
  • We will promote the training and awareness of our employees, motivating their creativity, with the aim of strengthening an innovative business culture that will make us technological referents in our sector. 
  • We are firmly committed to continuously improve the efficiency of the Integrated System and our relationships with our customers, using research, development and innovation as differentiating elements. 
  • We will communicate the commitments made with Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work and R&D&I to all our employees and any interested parties that require it.
  • We will create the appropriate working environment for staff to be involved in achieving the Organization’s objectives.

The necessary mechanisms have been established so that the described Policy will be known, understood and implemented throughout the Organization.

Madrid, April 12, 2017

Mr. Juan Francisco Ruiz Sánchez